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TASTY & HEALTHY Feel-Good Snacks

Want to know more about how Naturis can help you produce better snack products?

When we talk about snacks, tasty and healthy are often clashing. Nevertheless, consumers want the right mix of irresistible tastes and textures, and they want healthier, reduced-sugar and -calorie options they can feel good about eating. 

In order to keep up with consumer demands, formulators must discover the just-right combination of ingredient solutions, all the while protecting texture, taste, nutrition and label appeal.

We accepted this challenge and found the perfect solution in pulses. We can develop tasty and healthy snacks using a selection of different pulses. 

We can make them crunchy and soft at the same time and enrich them with natural flavours like wasabi or chili pepper.

Finger Food

Whatever shape or taste you choose, we always maintain the nutritional benefits of pulses: high proteins, low carbohydrates, and very low fat and calorie content. Our ready-to-consume snacking ingredients are the ideal break for those who prefer balanced nutrition and for the ones allergic to gluten.

Naturis quick-cooking and ready-to-consume cereals and pulses are healthy variations for snacks and finger food.

With our Pre-gelatinized Functional Pulses Flours you can even create natural alternatives to french fries and traditional snacks. The pre-gelatinized Rice Flours can completely or partially replace the bonding agents, modified starches and thickeners with only one gluten free and clean label ingredient.

The pre-gelatinized Pluses Flours can be applied to the production of pulses snack bars with high protein content. Crunchy pulse’s grits can be an innovative alternative with no allergens to classic bread products. 

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