Plant-based products

Plant-based Products

Future-proof & plant-based

Want to know more about how Naturis can help you make your products future-proof and plant-based? 

Consumers are hungry for meat alternatives made from sustainable, nutritious plant-based proteins.

But formulating convincing tastes and textures in your alternatives is no easy task. We can help you accelerate your path to market with the products your customers crave.

Naturis offers several pulses and rice flours and a natural rice starch ideal to manufacture veggie burgers, veggie nuggets, croquettes, etc.

Enriching your cooking

These ingredients work in cold environments and almost in no time; the finished product is suitable for deep freezing before or after cooking and can be heated by consumers in a pan, in the oven or in the microwave.

Furthermore the mixture can be enriched with our cold rehydrated pulses and cereals, in order to offer a variety of colours, flavours and textures.

The final result tears down all prejudices: veggie burgers and nuggets can look good and taste even better, albeit being natural and healthy.

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