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REAL food solutions

“As an innovative partner, we help companies develop easy, healthy, and sustainable food solutions for the fast-changing world.”

Humberto Preve

– CEO, Naturis

Worldwide Delivery

Our easy and healthy food solutions are transported to all 5 continents.

Proven Quality

Our products meet the highest quality and safety standards for all applications.

Clean Label

We make sure our product innovations are always clean label because we care.

Naturis processes raw ingredients like pulses, rice and cereals to make them versatile and capable of adapting to multiple applications in the fast-changing food industry, with a keen eye on sustainability and health. 

We collaborate with our clients to find real food solutions, improve production processes and create new innovative products and applications.

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Natural Ingredients

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Clients Worldwide


for any food industry

Naturis ingredients are extremely versatile and adapt to numerous applications in the food industry. Find our applications, ranked by industry: from breakfast cereals over the meat industry to pet food.


Our products, READY TO CONSUME

We have been producing a range of innovative products, available to all our customers: from standard and easy-to-apply food solutions for your product to complete off-the-shelf products.

Are you looking for white label possibilities or instant food solutions?


Your products, tailor-made

The sky is the limit when it comes to developing healthy and sustainable tailor-made products for our clients.



When our client’s problems become our challenges: we are happy to share some solutions that might interest you too.

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