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Pet Food

pet food with functional benefits

Want to know more about how Naturis can help you produce better pet food products?

Today’s pet owners are passionate about supporting the health and happiness of their four-legged friends. They are increasingly looking for functional benefits such as digestive health, heart health and eye health.

The latest trend in the pet food industry is using human-grade ingredients. Admitted, pets don’t eat the same variety of foods as humans do—think protein, dairy, beverages, confectionary, etc.—but pulses and grains still show up as ingredients in both pet treats and meals, whether to boost the protein level or to provide other nutrients. 

This presence continues to grow as consumers seek similar products for their pets as for themselves. Pet owners want to see what their animals eat, not just believe what’s written on the packaging. 

Healthy ingredients for your pet

This humanization of pets is propelling innovation today: from clean label ingredients to health benefits and research behind nutrition to enhanced functionality, improved appearance and texture for animal products.

Food products for animals are often a mix of ingredients with a base of cereals plus meat, fish and vegetables. The ingredients have different characteristics and different cooking times, essential for the quality of the end product. To align cooking times, we can develop a rice or pulses  with the same cooking time as the other ingredients.

Naturis quick cooking products are very versatile and with high nutrition value, so they are a perfect fit for domestic animals meals, like extruded (kibbles), dry mixes or paté.

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