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Future-proof Bakery Products

Want to know more about how Naturis can help you produce better bakery products?

Consumers are still hungry for baked goods, but looking further than the classics. They want less sugar and fewer calories, non-GMO ingredients, gluten-free products, and more nutrition in every bite. But delivering that difference, whether clean label, reduced sugar, added nutrition, or unique textures can be a challenge.

Naturis has what you need to produce those future-proof bakery products:

  • Make your label cleaner to attract more customers

  • Add plant protein and fiber without compromising texture and taste

  • Reduce sugar yet keep the same great taste and texture as a full sugar product

  • Present gluten-free products with the texture and nutrition of wheat-containing products

  • Achieve the perfect food texture in a fraction of the time

  • Improve your margins with innovative ingredients and optimized processes

Revolutionize your Bakery Products

We can help you revolutionize all your bakery products:

  • Cakes, muffins, donuts, and brownies
  • Breads, rolls, bagels & flatbreads
  • Cookies &biscuits
  • Gluten-free baked goods

pre-gelatinized Rice Flours

Naturis pre-gelatinized Rice Flours allow to prepare rice products without encountering the typical flaws of traditional rice flours, such as:

  • Low dispersion;
  • Clumps in the mixture;
  • Hard clumps in the finished product;
  • Sand effect in the finished product.

ADD Quick-cooking ingredients

Include quick-cooking ingredients, rehydrated with cold water, in your dough. 


We have a wide range of crunchy toppings to bring your products to the next level: bread, biscuits, or any other bakery product. 

  • 100% Clean Label
  • Gluten-Free
  • Rich in Plant-Based Proteins
  • May be flavored according to customer’s preferences

Pre-gelatinized Pulses Flour

Enhancing protein-based content of bakery products

All these flaws are avoided thanks to our process that involves a criss-cross amid able to bind the water of the mixture and to reduce the retrogradation effects responsible for the creation of hard clumps. At the same time our technology reduces the typical sticky effects of the traditional rice flours. The dispersion feature is not affected by the temperature or by fat.

Our pre-gelatinized Pulses Flours allow to enhance the protein-based content of the bakery products without altering the criss-cross effect of the gluten.

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