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Naturis processes raw ingredients, sourced from all over the globe, like pulses, rice and cereals. We make them versatile and capable of adapting to multiple applications in the fast-changing food industry, with a keen eye on sustainability and health. Our clean label and innovative products live up to the highest quality and safety standards, and are sold over 5 continents for decades.

We collaborate with our clients to find real food solutions, improve production processes and create new innovative products and applications. We have our own line of products and we craft tailor-made solutions for our clients.

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Mission and Vision

Naturis is committed to contributing to the development of products with high added value, economically accepted by the market, easy to use and innovative, based on cereals and legumes processed in a natural way.

At your service

Our team of experts is happy to assist you in finding the best solutions for your food challenges. Every day, we aim to do better and we don’t rest before the results are excellent and the solutions effective.

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Nice to meet you! Naturis is more than the sum of its individual people. The team effort to create innovative solutions for our clients makes all the difference. Let’s introduce you to some of us. 

Humberto Preve


Humberto is a global citizen: born in Argentina, studied and worked in the US, and living in Italy. He has a background in logistics, trade and business consulting and he certainly loves a challenge.

He enjoys leading Naturis on a daily basis because looking for creative solutions is his drive.  From an early age, he developed a love for the food industry. In his own words:

“Food isn’t something temporary, but a basic need for all humans. It is closely related to health and well-being and therefor, has real value.”

Raimondo Nonnato


Raimondo is a Chemical Engineer who was thunderstruck by the ‘green chemistry’ of the 1990s and came to Food as a natural landing place for a sustainable worldview.

He arrived at Naturis in 2019 after having travelled around Europe in the milling and bakery ingredients sector, covering various roles in operations, sales and marketing and general management.

He currently devides his attention between developing new markets and new products to secure a balanced and sustainable growth for Naturis. His natural passion for F&B (eating and drinking) makes him the official tester of all new products that the R&D lab develops 😉

A history of Naturis

Pucinelli Founded

a simple, yet innovative idea

Did you know the history of Naturis starts way back in the 20th century? 70 years ago, in 1952, Puccinelli was founded with a simple, yet innovative idea for that time: dehydrated apples. Almost 40 years the company produced millions of apples and exported them all over Europe.


Rovigo, Italy

R&D and product-line extension

Expanding by Acquisition

Meanwhile, the company started an R&D section that experimented with olives, chickpeas, and other pulses. This attracted the attention of a major Italian rice producer and let to an acquisition of Puccinelli in 1987 to produce not only dehydrated apples, but quick-cooking rice as well.


Name change

Naturis is Born!

In 1989 plans shifted and the importance of dehydrated apples decreased fast. Pucinelli died, but Naturis was born! From the very start inspirer Cesare Preve invested heavily in R&D and made it the corner stone of Naturis. In the early nineties the lab was mainly used to test and improve all kinds of quick cooking rice before going into production. Naturis even invented their own machine, called ‘The Saxophone’.


New Office, CA

Growing the business

Optimized Production

In 10 years, Naturis grew a lot. As a result, in the beginning of 2000, the whole production process was optimized and professionalized with new machinery and the recording of all parameters. This new way of working led to more product innovations, leading to the launch of the legendary 2-minue microwavable pouch in 2006.

2000 - 2006

family succession

Fresh Ideas and Leadership

At the end of 2007, Cesare’s son, Humberto Preve (33), moved from the US to Italy to join the company. Cesare, however, kept very active in the company until his retirement at the age of 75 in 2011. He left a huge imprint towards being curious, innovative and creative.

End of 2007


Accelerating Innovation

With Humberto leading Naturis, the company made a big transformation towards a modern company where all team members bring something valuable to the table. This team effort made the speed of innovations accelerate, and in 2008 the company was transformed from a quick cooking rice producer to an innovative ingredients company.

  • 2009: quick-cooking cereals and pulses
  • 2011: pre-gelatinized flours from cereals and pulses, produced in Germany
  • 2016: crunchy products, starting with crunchy pulses
  • 2019: syrops and many more new products

2008 until today


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Our international certifications guarantee the greatest food safety standards that our customers acknowledge and highly appreciate.

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