Soups & sauces

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Soups & sauces

Soups, sauces, dressings and more

Want to know more about how Naturis can help you produce better saucy products?

Consumers are seeking high-quality soups and sauces with innovative ingredient solutions. It can be a challenge to find innovative and cost-effective ways to deliver on these consumer needs, while also achieving a preferred product for your company’s needs.

We can help you offer the fresh appeal consumers are looking for in high-quality soups, sauces, dressings and more with our ingredient solutions. Our R&D team is happy to help you stay ahead of trends with fresher, healthier products and clean and simple labels. For example: 

  • Increase the perception of freshness
  • Create products that are non-GMO and free from gluten or allergens
  • Reduce or replace costly ingredients while retaining taste and texture
  • Discover new ways to maximize your margins
  • Deliver authentic flavor and color

Performance, Guaranteed

Our Pre-gelatinized Function Pulses Flours guarantee excellent performances:

  • Add quick-cooking ingredients for instant hot and cold rehydration
  • Enjoy the ideal consistency
  • 100% convenience: easy to use

They have been developed to create soups and creams without adding starches or thickeners.

Naturis functional ingredients are perfect to have clean label in all type of sauces without altering flavor or colour and providing excellent creaminess and gel. Suitable for white sauces, gravies and others.

Last but not least, add crunchy pulses as toppings!


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