Unlocking the Potential of Rice Starch: A Culinary Marvel

Rice, a dietary staple for billions around the world, offers more than just sustenance. Within this humble grain lies a valuable component known as rice starch, a versatile ingredient with a wide range of applications in the culinary world.

Derived from rice grains, at Naturis, we extract rice starch through a meticulous process that involves washing, soaking, and separating the starch from the fibrous components. What remains is a fine, powdery substance that holds immense potential in various culinary endeavors.

Rice starch is not only extremely versatile, but it is also countering the vague sustainability claims that the EU is going to limit very soon. In the near future, you won’t have a choice but to comply with the strict regulations. However, why wait? There are more important reasons to go for a true clean label: your consumers. Discover the future-proof potential of Best Matchin’ Rice Stach.


At Naturis, we see 10 recipes where our Best Matchin’ Rice Starch would be particularly advantageous


  1. Sauces and Gravies
  2. Puddings and Custards
  3. Gluten-free baking
  4. Rice noodles and wrapping
  5. Filling for pies and pastries
  6. Glaze for pastries
  7. Baked pasta dishes
  8. Thickening soups and stews
  9. Dumplings
  10. Ice cream and frozen desserts


Why is Naturis’ Best Matchin’ Rice Starch answering your needs?

Thickening power

One of the remarkable qualities of rice starch is its exceptional thickening power. When introduced to liquids and heated, it transforms into a smooth, velvety consistency, making it an invaluable agent in sauces, soups, and gravies. Its neutral flavor ensures that it seamlessly blends with other ingredients, enhancing the texture without overpowering the overall taste profile.

Binding ingredients during prolonged cooking times

Rice starch also boasts an impressive ability to withstand prolonged cooking times and high temperatures, making it an excellent choice for dishes that require extended periods of simmering or baking. This quality makes it particularly well-suited for applications like custards, puddings, and fillings.

Gluten-free above all creates light and airy baked goods

Beyond its thickening prowess, rice starch plays a crucial role in gluten-free baking. Its fine texture mimics the binding properties of gluten, making it an essential ingredient in creating light and airy baked goods. From tender cakes to crispy cookies, rice starch proves to be a versatile ally in the world of gluten-free baking.

Delicate and translucent nature in specialty foods

Furthermore, rice starch is a boon for those seeking to add a touch of elegance to their culinary creations. It is widely used in the production of specialty foods like rice noodles and rice paper, where its unique properties contribute to the delicate, translucent nature of these delectable treats.

In conclusion, rice starch is a culinary marvel that elevates the art of cooking and baking. Its exceptional thickening abilities, heat resistance, and gluten-free properties make it an indispensable ingredient in kitchens worldwide. Whether you’re aiming for a silky sauce, a perfectly textured pudding, or a batch of exquisite gluten-free pastries, rice starch is a versatile tool that deserves a prominent place in your pantry.


Which 8 manufacturer pain points does Naturis Best Matchin’ Rice starch address?

At Naturis we have been receiving a lot of requests on natural and straightforward ingredient options that can be listed on packaging without any complex chemical names or additives. Food products need to look appealing to consumers looking for simple, recognizable ingredients. This is where Best Matchin’ Rice starch solution comes in.


  1. Ingredient Label Transparency
  2. Gluten-free formulation
  3. Improved texture and consistency
  4. Heat stability ensures its thickening power even in demanding cooking processes.
  5. Extended shelf life for bakery products or other items where the moisture-retaining properties of rice starch can significantly extend the shelf life. This leads to reduced food waste and increased profit for the manufacturers
  6. Versatile applications from savory to sweet and from baked goods to sauces. This versatility reduces the need for multiple types of thickeners streamlining production processes
  7. Diverse product offering: Incorporating rice starch allows manufacturers to diversify their product offerings, tapping into trends like gluten-free, clean-label, and natural ingredient formulations. This can lead to increased market competitiveness and consumer appeal.
  8. Cost-Effectiveness: Rice starch can often be a cost-effective alternative to other specialty thickeners or stabilizers. Its availability and relatively lower price point compared to some alternatives make it an attractive choice for manufacturers looking to balance quality and cost.


Overall, the inclusion of rice starch in manufacturing processes addresses critical pain points by providing a versatile, cost-effective, and consumer-friendly thickening solution. It allows manufacturers to create high-quality products that meet the needs and preferences of a broad consumer base.

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