Thirty years have passed from the fruitful seed that allowed Naturis to play a leading role in the food industry. The company has planted its roots in the quick cooking rice market in 1988 and, thanks to a constant commitment, has cultivated a priceless heritage. During these years, Naturis has developed food products made from rice, cereals and pulses characterized by a high rate of innovation and ease of use, revolutionizing production methods without altering the naturalness. The wealth of stored experiences, combined with the ability to study and create healthy solutions that are simple and quick to prepare, have enabled the company to become a trusted partner of international companies and distribute its products in the five continents. Naturis has cultivated its expertise making the research in the food industry the main strength of the company. The Group has taken over in time cutting-edge projects for the food industry, transforming production methods and creating products that can meet the needs of the modern consumer. The ability to offer solutions and applications able to satisfy the needs of the modern society is within Naturis’ work ethic. Naturis can add value to applications, customizing them using rice, cereals and pulses treated in a completely natural way. Working with Naturis means sharing ideas and solutions with a group of professionals who dedicate themselves to the customer with passion. Today we celebrate thirty years from that ingenious sowing that has given us expertise, innovative products and strong relationships with our partners, thanks to a team of professionals who strongly believe in teamwork. We will continue with the same commitment to carry on this heritage, always driven by nature and inspired by you!

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