The pulses will change your menu

Pulses are the super food of the moment. In january 2016 the un / FAO proclaimed the year 2016 as the international year of pulses.

The reasons why Pulses are considered  “strong super food” are that they are a source of protein and fibre, rich in vitamin B and minerals, low in fat, with a low glycaemic index, and entirely without cholesterol.

A real rediscovery of a food that has always been a part of human nutrition, that is grown worldwide since the Stone Age.

Pulses are traditionally mostly used for soups and Middle East specialties such as hummus and falafel, but they are also consumed for breakfast or snacks. In fact all the nutritional benefits of pulses are boosting the creation of products based on them that can suit several occasions during any time of the day: salads, soups, added to breakfast cereals or yoghurts, for power bars, chocolates, etc.  All these options with excellent nutritional properties and avoiding major allergens such as gluten and nuts.

Moreover, Naturis has developed a special process for pulses, enriching them with natural flavours (savoury and sweet) making them crispy and soft at the same time and ready to eat.

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