The new plant based food trends

The constant research is the characteristic that has always distinguished us. For this reason we join events, such as the workshop “Plant based Foodstuff – For of Tomorrow” held by Procudan, which took place in Kolding, Denmark, on September 17. During the event we reflected on the consumption behavior of consumers, we analyzed their need to challenge them and searched for alternatives to animal proteins. A revolution that offers new consumption models. It seems clear that the market share of vegetarians and vegans constantly gains importance, while the rest of consumers search for alternative recipes that can make healthy and quick food choices for every day of the week. New consumers are particularly sensitive to healthy food, and at the same time they show the need to have quick meals to prepare. Naturis is able to satisfy this need, studying together with its clients the ingredients and customizing them according to the end uses. We are keen on the needs of the market, ready to turn them into new opportunities with you! Contact us for details.

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