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SGS certification, Société General de Surveillance, highlights the low Arsenic (As) content of Naturis rice.

Continuous Investment in innovation, research, and development, to protect the environment and people’s health, is mandatory to build a better future for the next generations. That is why, at Naturis, we only process food ingredients that are environmentally sustainable,healthy, natural, and easy to prepare, such as our SGS certified quick cooking rice that has 30% less inorganic arsenic (As) than the original raw material.

Unlike other cereals, rice, is prone to absorbing environmental contaminants due to the conditions in which it is grown – underwater and without oxygen.

Our 100% natural hydrothermal process, substantially reduces the presence
of arsenic (As) in quick cooking rice, confirming once again how Naturis’ supply chain is increasingly Food Safety Oriented and in line with the requirements of European directives and the US market.
Constant testing, daily checks, and continuous investments in technology for our processes, demonstrate our commitment to our partners, end consumers and our planet, guarantying, day after day, the lowest possible environmental impact of all our choices and production activities.

This is our mission; it is our DNA.

(To download the certificate please click here)

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