Risò Revolutionizing Rice Salads: How to make fresh rice salads without boiling rice

In the dynamic world of culinary innovation, one ingredient is making waves because of its time-saving prowess and versatility: cold-rehydratable rice. At Naturis’ Research & Development, we have depicted a selection of remarkable rice grains that meet the highest quality standards. When you pour cold water on it, which is called ‘cold rehydration technique, our Risò shatters the traditional notion of lengthy rice preparation. With the ability to be ready in just 30 minutes, it has become a staple in bars without a kitchen or kitchens with short turnaround times, particularly for the beloved rice salad.


The Cold Rehydration Breakthrough

Traditionally, cooking rice involves simmering it in hot water until it reaches the desired tenderness. However, the cold rehydration method flips the script. This ingenious technique involves soaking the rice in cold water, allowing it to absorb moisture at its own pace. The result? Perfectly cooked, fluffy rice in a fraction of the time.

A Game-Changer for Bars and Kitchens

In bustling bars and kitchens, time is of the essence. The need for quick, yet high-quality ingredients is paramount. This is where Naturis Risò cold-rehydratable rice has emerged as a game-changer, enabling chefs to whip up delectable rice salads on demand. Whether for a busy lunch rush or a lively evening service, having rice ready in just 30 minutes opens up a world of possibilities.

The Art of Rice Salad Mastery

Rice salads are a delightful symphony of flavors, textures, and colors. They offer a canvas for creativity, combining rice with an array of fresh vegetables, proteins, and vibrant dressings. With Risò at the helm, chefs can elevate their rice salads to new heights, ensuring each grain is perfectly cooked and retains its distinct, nutty flavor.

The Benefits Beyond Speed

The advantages of Risò extend beyond speed. The cold rehydration also maintains the integrity of each grain, preventing them from becoming overly soft or mushy. This means that every bite of your rice salad will be a delightful medley of distinct textures, creating a memorable culinary experience for your customers.

Embracing Sustainability

Cold-rehydratable rice also aligns with sustainability goals. By reducing the energy and time required for cooking, it contributes to a more eco-conscious kitchen. Additionally, it allows for better inventory management, reducing food waste and promoting a more sustainable approach to meal preparation.

Innovating the Culinary Landscape

The introduction of cold-rehydratable rice has not only streamlined kitchen operations but has also opened up a world of creative possibilities for chefs. From diverse rice salad variations to incorporating it into other dishes, this versatile ingredient is redefining the way we approach rice preparation in professional kitchens.


Risò, a Culinary Game-Changer


Cold rehydration has transformed the rice landscape, particularly in the fast-paced environments of bars and kitchens. With the ability to deliver perfectly cooked rice in just 30 minutes, chefs can now craft exquisite rice salads that dazzle the palate. Beyond speed, this innovative technique offers benefits in texture, flavor, and sustainability. As culinary creativity continues to evolve, cold-rehydratable rice stands as a testament to the endless possibilities that can arise from reimagining traditional cooking methods. Embrace this culinary game-changer and unlock a world of new flavors and efficiencies in your kitchen today.


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