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Syrcore is our range of syrups created as an alternative to the traditional glucose syrup. As all Naturis’ products, it can be customized to suit perfectly the customers’ needs.

The request we received from a local brewery, was to help them create a new range of beer that would represent its territory containing a very special local ingredient: the IGP rice grown in the delta of the Po River. Therefore, the idea was to add to the process a rice syrup based on this special local rice variety.  The use of syrups, in the beer industry, allows to increase the capacity of the brewing room and to produce very concentrated worts to obtain particular beers. All this, without causing problems in the process due to high viscosity.

The union between the creation of a 100 % tailor made natural syrup, and the production of the beer in a local brewery enabled our client to create a completely local beer, as desired.

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