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The market trend is to have recipes containing the fewest ingredients possible and that these are well known to the consumer.

To be soft and creamy many products are processes with modified starches and other additives. Thus, the new challenge is to replace E numbers such as thickeners, emulsifiers, stabilizers, gums, etc. with natural ingredients. As an alternative to these, Naturis offers a full range of Functional Pre-gel Rice Flours under the brand Best Matchin’.

These Functional Flours are developed in regards to specific recipes and applications and giving a tailor made solution to our customers.

An example?

We can use a rice flour (Y110) as a natural thickener  in a Veggie pureed soup without altering its typical nor the organoleptic traits (tastes color, aroma) or the nutritional values of the original recipe.

Or we can have a delicious and tasty dessert using a rice flour (Y101/Y152) as a natural stabilizer to make it soft and creamy.

Ask Naturis for all the information on the Best Matchin’ range and you will discover the multiple uses of Functional Pre gel rice flours for many applications.


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