Naturis’ Organic Quinoa Syrup: a natural choice

Pure well-being for all your recipes

We, at Naturis, have given shape to an authentic organic Quinoa Syrup, obtained by the hydrolysis of organic Quinoa flour, using only natural enzymes. Our organic Quinoa Syrup, has an intense aroma and leaves you with a delicate note of bitterness aftertaste. It is rich in beneficial properties and does not contain gluten, therefore it is also recommended for those suffering from celiac disease. Rich in proteins, carbohydrates, fibre and Omega 3, it represents a natural alternative to the more common glucose syrup (obtained from corn) and is a perfect ingredient for a balanced vegan diet.


It has a low fructose content  and contains two essential amino acids, lysine and methionine, which regulate the proper functioning of the body, while the magnesium, iron, vitamin C and E, actively support metabolism.

Did you know…

That due to its high energy content, just 100 grams of organic syrup provide about 350 calories. Quinoa Syrup is recommended for everyone, from children to adults, to athletes.


Naturis’ organic Quinoa Syrup is a natural choice: ideal as a sweetener or to garnish baked goods, to make snacks more attractive and to enrich breakfast cereals. It is 100% compliant with all the current certifications and food regulations; in synthesis a healthy choice for all your creations, even in the industrial sector, from bars to granola, from ice creams to sugar-free beverages.

We all want to be healthy, therefore Naturis’ organic Quinoa Syrup is a natural choice.

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