Naturis’ latest idea is to develop tailor-made products for the food industry

Sometimes it may be necessary to improve a recipe from a nutritional point of view adding vitamins, minerals or fibre; or it may be mandatory to avoid ingredients that may cause allergies and intolerances, such as gluten for people suffering of the celiac disease.

BrightFit is our answer: the intelligent solution that allows food companies to tailor their products to meet consumers special needs without altering the characteristics of traditional recipes. 

Naturis’ cereals and Pulses can be enriched with vitamins, proteins, minerals, fibre, etc. in order to enhance the nutritional value of food; they can be integrated with other ingredients to vary the flavour and the colour of the final product and improve the organoleptic characteristics.

BrightFit is a simple idea that can suit many needs.Some examples are the PCS Plus, PCS Tomato and PCS Saffron: with these products you can different bases for creamy risotto that only need to be “personalized “ adding the other ingredients such as sea food, vegetables, meat fish, etc.

Creativity is to experiment new ways, find new solutions. With BrightFit, the production process becomes a creative journey that we do together with our customers.

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