An impressive 30% less arsenic in rice for infant food

At Naturis, we take pride in introducing our infant processed rice, boasting a remarkable 30% reduction in arsenic. Our production facility has earned official recognition for its excellence in arsenic reduction in rice, coupled with Infant Nutrition Certification, underscoring our commitment to delivering safe and nutritionally sound options for the well-being of infants.

Thanks to decades of experience, we can assure you a 100% natural, gluten-free processed rice and its derivatives for infant nutrition.


How can we assist you in producing state-of-the-art infant nutrition

  • Everything starts with low Arsenic Levels
    Given the potential health risks associated with arsenic exposure, we source our infant rice ingredients from regions with low arsenic concentrations in soil and water.

  • We lower the arsenic levels by 30%
    Based on years of extensive research, we have developed a 100% natural process that reduces the level of arsenic by 60%. Rigorous testing and monitoring programs have been put in place to monitor consistent quality. 

  • Designed to be Nutrient-Rich
    Infant rice play a vital role in supplying the essential nutrients crucial for the healthy development of infants. Our meticulous processes are designed to preserve and enhance the richness of these nutrients.

  • Highest standards of food safety and hygiene 
    The processing of infant rice happens in an environment of strict hygiene and safety standards to prevent contamination. In our state-of-the-art, largely automated facilities, we prioritize stringent quality control measures to ensure a minimal microbiologic impact. 


  • Clean label for full transparency   
    Naturis’ solutions provide you with the essential confidence to declare that your label is “clean.”
  • Compliance with Regulatory Standards 
    Infant ingredients  meet or exceed national and international regulatory standards for infant food safety. Compliance with guidelines set by organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and local health authorities is crucial.
  • A robust traceability system
    The traceability system we have in place at Naturis ensures that the journey of rice from farm to product is well-documented. This allows for quick identification and resolution of any potential issues, contributing to the overall safety and quality of the ingredients.


We’re delighted to add this recognition to the long list of certifications we already have, like food safety, halal food, vegan food, and others. We believe these certifications attest to the quality of our products, processes, and organisation as a whole. At Naturis, we want to make it easy to eat healthy and responsible. As an innovative partner, we help companies develop easy and healthy food solutions while respecting the planet that provides our resources.

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