LCA – Life Cycle Assessment

Naturis is a synonymous of innovation in the research and development of sustainable, healthy, natural and easy-to-prepare food ingredients.

Our know how and our work are driven by the way in which we see the world and the need to protect its future. In this optic we have conducted a test to determine the environmental impact of “our” best seller product: “Milchreis. The study, was conducted by Tetis Institute Srl, a Spin Off of Genoa University, in compliance with ISO 14040-14044 standards, and has certified that the production cycle of NATURIS’ quick cooking rice is ecological and environmentally friendly.

The evaluation process, started from the acquisition of the raw material up to the product’s end of life, and was based on parameters related to the global warming of the atmosphere, water deprivation for humans and ecosystems, and the direct and indirect use of energy.

The results of the study show how the instant rice milk, prepared with Naturis’ Quick cooking rice, (cooked in a pan or microwaved) , reduces the impact on the environment by 50% compared to traditional rice.

Therefore, preparing instant milk using Naturis’ I069 rice is not only a natural and healthy choice, but also a sustainable one. This concern for sustainability is reflected in the production cycles of every single ingredient processed by NATURIS.

For this reason, the most important international groups choose us as partners for the development of healthy, natural and sustainable products.

NATURIS works to leave to future generations the best of all possible worlds.

Download a copy of the summary study.

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