Broad beans and peanuts, did you know the differences?

Pulses and seeds snacks are part of a balanced diet. Whether you are a flexitarian, vegetarian or vegan. They allow you to maintain your weight and provide the energy and nutrients you need throughout the day. This is why we have created Impulses, the genuine ready to snack pulses and #Naturis. We present the Broad or Fava #beans that are being rediscovered for its innumerable properties.


In fact, thanks to the 100% natural Naturis’ process using only hot water and air we avoid frying them and maintain all their nutritional and healthy properties. The “crunchy” version can be used as a replacement of peanuts, the same indulgent feeling with enhanced nutritional properties!


A bit of history…

Broad beans and peanuts have been part of human diet for a long time. However, it is fair to compare them and find out which is best for our diet, be it omnivorous, flexitarian, vegan or when we just think of a snack take with a drink. Both have excellent nutritional values but the balance of the components are different, and so their benefits.

Already during the Bronze Age, beans were consumed in the Hellenic peninsula, despite the fact their origin is Chinese. It was a “poor dish”, although we now know that they give an important contribute to our diet balance and the health of the human body.

Peanuts are South American and originally were used for feed. Over the time, becoming aware of their characteristics they have become a “dish against hunger” in China, Africa and the Americas. The fact that the plant, Arachis Hypogaeais grows particularly well in tropical zones, contributes to  its diffusion in the poorest areas of the planet

Nutrients in a balanced diet …

In a balanced diet the intake of nutrients, such as proteins, fibers and carbohydrates, must be balanced to ensure all the human metabolic functions healthy and efficient.

The difference is the amount of each individual nutritional component and the balance of them within the seed . The different interaction of the nutrients results in different benefits to the body.



In order to keep the nutrients as unaltered as possible, we have implemented a cooking process, that avoids frying. It is a mild process which basically uses hot water and  air which, avoiding high temperatures, ensures a healthy, balanced product, maintaining the original flavor of the fava beans with a gentle toasted nuance.

Comparison table of the nutritional values of beans and peanuts …

Although part of the same legume family, broad beans and peanuts have very different average nutritional values compared, allow us to understand their strengths

Even if they are part of the same botanical family, broad beans and peanuts have very different average nutritional values which, when compared, show their different strengths.

To be able to perform the necessary involuntary activities (such as breathing) and maintaining stable the body temperature the human being needs to assume, on average, 1800 kcal per day .

Proteins and fats to nourish the tissues 

The Broad bean’s proteins support the balance of intestinal flora by maintaining healthy the bacteria and viruses naturally present in the body. When the microorganisms are in balance, functionally effective and synchronised with each other, we speak of eubiosis.

The protein percentage in peanuts is lower than in the broad beans, in part due to the process they undergo to make them eatable that impoverishes them.

Broad beans have a low content of fat, and most of it is easily digested. To assume the same amount of fat contained in 100 g of peanuts, you should eat more than two kilos of broad beans.

Fibers for the intestinal equilibrium  …

With equal taste and mouthfeel, both in sweet and savoury applications, the difference between broad beans and peanuts is also given by the fiber content. The broad beans fibers contribute to the slow release of glucose.


The basic starch molecules present in the bean, combined with the fibers it contains, provide constant energy over a long period of time, making the fava beans an ideal food for those who are engaged in mental efforts, such as studying or working.

 The percentage of fibers is lower in peanuts and some of it effectiveness  is lost due to the high temperature roasting processes they are subjected to.

Naturis processes the beans and all the pulses of the “Impulses” brand using low temperatures, therefore maintaining the original nutritional values of them almost intact.  


Carbohydrates to ensure energy supply  …


Broad beans have a higher carbohydrate percentage than peanuts, but these are defined as ‘good’ because being not refined they are easily assimilated by the body compared to those present in other foods.



Snacking Broad beans  …

Broad beans provide essential nutrients for the correct function and performance of the human body.


With the fava bean snacks and all the products of the Impulses range, we wanted to offer an alternative to the classic cocktail snack . Ready to snack and naturally tasty and rich in healthy nutrients because naturally processed.


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