Crunchy pulses and cereals

Impulses are Naturis ready-to-eat products based on pulses, cereals and seeds.

The assumption is in the name: a positive impulse to the consumption of a healthy product. Perfect to start the day, take a break, add to your meal or just snack without guilt. Any moment is a good moment to enjoy Naturis crunchy pulses and seeds because they are not only natural and healthy, but also excellent from a nutritional point of view.

Healthy breakfast

Make the best out of your breakfast. Use Impulses as a topping for yoghurts and fruit salads, or enrich your muesli or granola protein content.

Take a healthy break

Ideal for nutritional bars or snacks. High protein content, low calories and glycemic index. Energy available instantly.

Add healthy crunchiness to the meal

Combine Impulses with salads, soups and main dishes. Even desserts! The limit is your creativity.

Snacking without guilt

At any moment, you can indulge yourself with a natural, healthy snack. Always a pleasure. No guilt.

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