How Naturis’ Impulses fit in consumer trends of 2026

Naturis’ customers, especially in the ready-to-eat segment, quick commerce, and vegetarian segment have been asking for crunchy solutions for a while, and… their wish list is long: healthy, not fried, 100% plant-based, answering the demand for meat substitution, gluten-free, low in calories, maintaining crunchiness when soaked in milk or topped on salads. At Naturis, we made the impossible possible, and our famous Impulses’ line was born.

Embarking on the journey of Naturis’ Impulses unveils a treasure trove of nutrients. At their core lies pulses, revered for their robust protein content. These leguminous powerhouses serve as the linchpin of the Impulses product range, offering a sustainable wellspring of energy. This makes them an ideal choice for those seeking an active and balanced lifestyle. Moreover, pulses are endowed with copious amounts of dietary fiber, which not only promotes digestive health but also induces a sense of satiety. This dual-action benefit makes them an invaluable ally in weight management endeavors.

At Naturis, we want to offer off-the-shelf solutions and Impulses product line fits in our sustainable, ready-to-consume, 100% plant-based strategy.


Why is the Impulses product range interesting?

Naturis’ Impulses align seamlessly with current consumer behavior trends, reflecting a growing preference for natural, health-conscious, and convenient food options:

Health and Wellness:

Today’s consumers prioritize health and wellness like never before. They are seeking out foods that offer nutritional benefits and contribute positively to their overall well-being. Naturis’ Impulses, being packed with essential nutrients from pulses, cereals, and seeds, cater directly to this demand for health-conscious products.

Clean Label and Natural Ingredients:

Consumers are increasingly scrutinizing product labels, opting for options with simple, recognizable ingredients. Naturis’ Impulses stand out as they are made from whole, unprocessed ingredients without any artificial additives or preservatives. This aligns perfectly with the clean label movement.

Plant-Based and Protein-Rich Diets:

There is a rising interest in plant-based eating patterns and protein-rich diets. Naturis’ Impulses, primarily based on pulses, are an excellent source of plant-based protein. They cater to individuals seeking alternatives to animal-derived proteins, whether for dietary preferences, health reasons, or environmental concerns.

Convenience and On-the-Go Snacking:

Busy lifestyles have led to an increased demand for convenient, ready-to-eat snacks. Naturis’ Impulses are designed to meet this need. They provide a quick, nutritious option for consumers looking for convenient snacks that don’t compromise on healthfulness.

Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing:

Consumers are increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of their food choices. Pulses are recognized for their sustainability, as they require less water and produce fewer greenhouse gases compared to some other crops. Naturis’ Impulses, with their pulse-based composition, resonate with eco-conscious consumers.

Texture and Flavor Exploration:

The desire for diverse textures and flavors is driving culinary exploration. After an intense Research and development period,  Naturis’ Impulses, with their combination of crunchy pulses and seeds, offer a satisfying texture and a unique flavor profile. This appeals to consumers looking for sensory experiences beyond the ordinary.

Snacking with Purpose:

Consumers are looking for snacks that not only satisfy hunger but also offer a nutritional boost. Naturis’ Impulses delivers on this front, offering a mindful snacking experience. They provide sustained energy, satiety, and essential nutrients, making them a purposeful choice for snacking.

In essence, Naturis’ Impulses are perfectly positioned to meet the evolving preferences and behaviors of today’s consumers. They offer a convenient, healthy, and satisfying snacking option that aligns with the values and priorities of the modern consumer. By providing a natural and nutritious alternative, Naturis taps into a growing market seeking quality products that enhance both health and culinary experiences.


Why are the characteristics of Impulses interesting for manufacturers?

  1. Sustainability:
    The use of pulses, cereals, and seeds in Naturis’ Impulses reflects a sustainable approach to food production. Pulses, in particular, are known for their low environmental impact, requiring less water and generating fewer greenhouse gases compared to other crops. This aligns with the eco-friendly ethos of the Green Claim label.
  2. Natural Ingredients:
    The Impulses are crafted from whole, natural ingredients without any additives, preservatives, or artificial flavors. This transparency in ingredient sourcing and processing resonates with the Green Claim label’s emphasis on products that are minimally processed and contain straightforward, recognizable components.
  3. Health and Wellness:
    The Impulses offer a nutrient-dense snacking option, providing essential nutrients from pulses, cereals, and seeds. This promotes a balanced, healthful diet, which is in line with the Green Claim label’s focus on products that contribute positively to consumer health and well-being.
  4. Reduced Environmental Impact:
    By incorporating pulses, which have a lower environmental footprint compared to some other crops, Naturis contributes to a more sustainable food system. This aligns with the Green Claim label’s aim to support products and practices that have a reduced impact on the environment.
  5. Supports Plant-Based Diets:
    As a plant-based snack option, Naturis’ Impulses cater to the increasing consumer demand for sustainable and plant-centric food choices. This resonates with the Green Claim label’s objective of promoting products that align with ethical and environmentally responsible dietary preferences.
  6. Packaging Considerations:
    If Naturis also employs eco-conscious packaging practices, such as using recyclable materials or minimizing packaging waste, this would further enhance the alignment with the Green Claim label’s standards for sustainable packaging


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