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It’s not just time that’s money – there’s also transport, storage and disposal. Logistics costs are an important variable and a large italian food service company asked us how to reduce them.

Our customer used a sterile risotto in its F&B outlets and was no longer satisfied with it, because of the high management costs. The pastorised product had to be transported in refrigerated vehicles and stored in cold cells; in addition, it had a rather short shelf life (30 days) therefore left-overs were high and disposal costs were higher.

The company contacted us for an alternative that would be more cost efficient. We suggested our customer used a dry product for the risotto.

The economic benefits for transport and storage were immediately clear – no need of special vehicles or refrigerated storage. The dry risotto also proved to be economic because of its longer shelf life (12 months) that enabled a better planning method proved very efficient to calculate exact usage of the product, reducing waste, left-overs and disposal costs to a minumum. A real saving of time, space and money. 

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