Got Cream? Another Naturis newcomer.

At Naturis, innovative development is key. We recently developed a special pregalatinised rice flour called ‘cream maker’. As you can guess from its name, it brings a natural creaminess to risottos, barley or spelt dishes without the addition of animal fats like butter. And it’s not only vegan: it’s gluten free as well as we replace wheat flour.

This newcomer originated because we constantly strive for innovation and optimisation. As we jointly studied the possibility of revising our customers’ recipes, we found that the pregelatinised flours of the ‘Best Matchin’ line can replace the modified starches (E numbers) in the recipe with ‘E-free ingredients’ under certain conditions.

Naturis creates clean label and innovative ingredients for the food industry. At Naturis, we want to make it easy to eat healthy and responsible. As an innovative partner, we help companies develop easy and healthy food solutions while respecting the planet that provides our resources.

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