Extending the crunchy Impulses line!

You asked, we delivered: 3 new grains and seeds have joined the crunchy Impulses line!

Introducing crunchy oat, crunchy rye and crunchy buckweat. You can count on the long-lasting crunchiness you love, even you mix it with milk as a delicious muesli. Unlike similar products on the market in puffed or flake versions, our crunchies guarantee all the nutritional properties of whole grains.

A crunchy and healthy snack: the best of both worlds! 

At Naturis, we want to make it easy to eat healthy and responsible. As an innovative partner, we help companies develop easy and healthy food solutions while respecting the planet that provides our resources.   

Thanks to more than 30 years of experience, we’ve developed tremendous know how and innovative procedures in the development of food ingredients; natural, versatile, easy to use and compliant to the highest quality standards.

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