Discover the Environmental Policy at Naturis

We have formulated our Environmental Policy with the aim of achieving Environmental Certification in accordance with the ISO 14001 international standard of 2015 within the current year

Environmental policy

In order to protect the environment, in the context of its own activity, within the company and in its relations with the external environment, Naturis has decided to apply an environmental management system in accordance with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 standard.

Environmental protection

Naturis is committed to the protection of the environment, complying with obligations under laws and regulations, including the prevention of pollution and commitments arising from the analysis of the Context in which it operates.

Environmental Objectives

Naturis has identified the different activities, dividing them into the processes to be taken into account in order to control them, with a view to continuous improvement, employing the resources necessary for their implementation. Process management also takes into account the objectives to be pursued and the expected results, considering the related responsibilities and the resources used.


Senior management assumes responsibility for the effectiveness of its EMS by providing the necessary resources and choosing objectives
in a way that makes them compatible with the Context of the organization, taking into account the nature, scale and environmental impacts of the business, products and services.

Risk and opportunity assessment

With reference to ISO 14001 ed. 2015 Naturis has planned its processes with a risk assessment approach in order to implement the most appropriate actions to:

  • assess and deal with risks associated with environmental aspects;
  • seize opportunities arising from the environmental, context analysis and risk assessment itself.

Involvement of staff and stakeholders

Taking into account the company’s reality, Naturis involves staff in all phases of its activities and promotes the development of skills aimed at environmental management. Int his context, Naturis communicates the importance of the EMS by involving internal resources and stakeholders.

Continuous improvement

Naturis sets as a permanent goal the continuous improvement of the management system and environmental performance.



September 1, 2023


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