The seed of innovation

Naturis creates clean label and innovative ingredients for the food industry, sells its products in all 5 continents being leader in the market. Thanks to more than 30 years of experience, Naturis has developed an incredible know how and innovative procedures in the development of food ingredients; natural, versatile, easy to use and compliant to the highest quality standards.

As a consequence of this, Naturis is able to ensure success to food companies that are in search of ideas, solutions or tailor-made ingredients for innovative applications.

Philosophy and mission

Naturis is committed to contributing to the development of products with high added value, economically accepted by the market, easy to use and innovative, based on cereals and legumes processed in a natural way.

A team to rely on

The in-depth knowledge of the ingredients used, the proprietary technique based on natural processes and the awareness of being able to do always better, enable us to obtain excellent results and effective solutions. We invite you to contact us and to test us.


Gli ingredienti Naturis sono estremamente versatili e in grado di adattarsi a diverse applicazioni nell’industria alimentare. Naturis può studiare, insieme al cliente, le soluzioni più adatte a soddisfare le esigenze di ogni segmento di mercato, creando prodotti innovativi e combinazioni sempre originali. Our international certifications guarantee the greatest food safety standards that our customers greatly appreciate, since they speed up the identification of the product traits.