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Products: the future, at last!

Our starting point is nature: we treat raw materials with simplicity and care, because we know their value and we want to preserve it. Our method is continuous research to find original and effective solutions. Our ingredients, with high added value, are designed to meet both the demands of the food industry and the needs of consumers, increasingly attentive to the quality of food.

Naturis has developed three product lines to make it easier for the customer to find the most suitable solution.

These are Naturis ready-to-eat products based on pulses and seeds. The assumption is in the name: a positive impulse to the consumption of a healthy product, to be combined with equally healthy foods, from breakfast to after dinner.

Extracted from the innermost part of the best cereals and pulses, a concentrated, transparent, slightly golden syrup with a pleasant sweet taste. Ideal for glucose syrup substitution. SyrCore sweetens the way to be natural.

Simplifies the uses of Cereals and Pulses in the food industry: they cook exactly in the required time, ensuring optimal performance for the most various applications and are completely natural.

Tailor-made ideas to answer to the demands of the food industry. Rice, cereals and pulses can be enriched with nutritional ingredients or improved with ad hoc flavours and colours.

The natural match for all industrial needs. We play with the natural proteins and starches of rice and pulses….

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