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Awareness is the impulse for change.

World Pulses Day February 10 was the World Pulses Day. A worldwide event of great environmental and nutritional significance proclaimed by the United Nations. An event that aims to create awareness about the most important issues of our time: nature’s resources, sustainable food production and food safety.World Pulses Day represented the opportunity to understand the […]

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Naturis’ Organic Quinoa Syrup: a natural choice

Pure well-being for all your recipes We, at Naturis, have given shape to an authentic organic Quinoa Syrup, obtained by the hydrolysis of organic Quinoa flour, using only natural enzymes. Our organic Quinoa Syrup, has an intense aroma and leaves you with a delicate note of bitterness aftertaste. It is rich in beneficial properties and […]

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On the way to clean label.

The market trend is to have recipes containing the fewest ingredients possible and that these are well known to the consumer. To be soft and creamy many products are processes with modified starches and other additives. Thus, the new challenge is to replace E numbers such as thickeners, emulsifiers, stabilizers, gums, etc. with natural ingredients. […]

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