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Dry mixes / Cup applications

Naturis range of quick cooking rice, cereals and pulses with low humidity are ideal for dry mixes
thanks to their 2 to 10 minutes rehydration time

Gli ingredienti a 2 e 3 minuti sono ideali per “Cup Application” , basta aggiungere acqua bollente nella quantità indicata, mescolare e in appena 3 o 4 minuti si possono gustare le più variate ricette.

The Pre-gelatinized Functional Rice Flours are gluten free and “clean label” ingredients that partially or completely replace bonding and thickening agents and modified starches.

Naturis round grain white rice can be combined with our Pre-gelatinized Functional Rice Flours to obtain 100% “clean label” products such as Milk Rice or Rice Pudding without adding modified starches and emulsifiers.

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