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Mix for Instant Hummus


Pre-Gelatinized Chickpea Functional Flours YU01 belongs to NATURIS Best Matchin' range, which includes rice and pulses functional flours designed to be used in many applications, enhancing the characteristics  of the final product. 

Functional properties

Pre-Gelatinized Chickpea Functional Flours YU01 has been developed to provide maximum creaminess to the most various mixes without the need of emulsifiers. It rehydrates instantly just by adding water (cold or hot).

This flour can produce an excellent hummus in less than one minute, avoiding the long traditional procedure.


Heat the water to 100°C. Put all the ingredients in a bowl, slowly pour the hot water until you have the desired texture. Serve.

hummus tab

According to desired texture, adjust the amount of water +/- 10%.



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