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Pre-Gelatinized Functional Rice Flour Y130 / Y110 and Brown Lentil Flour YQ01 are products of the Best Matchin' Range, which includes clean label functional flours designed to be used in many applications without altering the functionality of the final product. The range includes several functional rice and pulses flours.

Functional Properties

Pre gelatinized Functional Rice Flour Y130 applied at 10% of bread dough provides a very nice mouthfeel: soft, elastic and moist crumb. It has a neutral balanced taste.

Pre gelatinized Functional Rice Flour Y110 applied at 10/15% of bread sticks dough enhances crunchiness of the product and provides a lighter consistency.

The Brown Lentil Flour YQ01 applied at 10% of bread dough has a very interesting taste: hearty, rich, slightly salty typical of lentils yet with no off flavour providing to the product a soft bread crumb texture.


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