Crunchy sorghum: the answer to customers’ needs

white sorghum grain

Introducing crunchy white sorghum, our newcomer in the Impulses range. Forget about popcorn and try this crunchy superfood as an appetizer, snack or food topping. This newcomer is available in its natural taste or flavoured with spices. This creates a lot of variety within the same product line.

Excellent nutrient profile

Our crunchy, white sorghum is a gluten-free grain option. It’s a significant source of many vitamins, minerals, fibers and proteins. Its antioxidants are high compared to other grains and fruits. Moreover, since consumers today are on a quest for gluten free, organic and vegan products, our sorghum matches that search perfectly as well.

The answer to consumers’ needs

Consumer interest in superfoods and healthy snacks in general is growing exponentially year after year. Nuts, trail mixes and seeds as well as superfoods are leading the global health and wellness snack market with a 41% perfect market share.

Research shows that Amazon customers look for certain things in a superfood product:

  • An energy boost,
  • A good taste, or a taste that they can get used to,
  • Improved digestion,
  • A general feeling of being healthier,
  • Improved hair, skin and nail health,
  • A product that mixes easily into water/juice/smoothies.

Our crunchy sorghum ticks all the boxes and reflects exactly what today’s consumers are looking for.

Impressive health benefits

Sorghum has a wide range of health benefits. Have a look at a few of them:

  • It can help manage cholesterol
  • It may protect against diabetes and insulin resistance
  • It may inhibit cancer tumor growth
  • It promotes cardiovascular health
  • It is safe for people with celiac disease

In short, our newcomer is delicious, healthy and definitely here to stay.

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