What is even more italian than pizza or pasta? Risotto. Rice is popular all over the world, but risotto is undeniably just italian and knowing how to cook it is not so simple.

The right cooking method requires time and skill. Two characteristics that are not easy cope with ready meals, which must be easy and quick. An English customer, leader in the Cup a Soup market wanted to expand its range and was considering the idea of a risotto in cup.

The requirements were very specific: it had to be ready in a few minutes only by adding boiling water. The result had to have the taste and texture of Italian risotto. Naturis developed a, Instant Risotto Base customizable with any ingredients, such as vegetables, fish, sea food, mushrooms, etc. that rehydrates just by adding boiling water from a kettle.

The Risotto in cup is the ideal solution for an improvised dinner with friends or a quick lunch / snack at any time of the day: it is easy and quick, but also tasty, creamy and stylish.

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