Enriched rice, cereals and pulses

Tailor-made ideas to answer to the demands of the food industry. Rice, cereals and pulses can be enriched with nutritional ingredients or improved with ad hoc flavours and colours.

The number and variety of products are unlimited because of the infinite personalisation possibilities: our cornerstone is always the total naturalness of the ingredients.


Frying, boiling, or in the (microwave) oven, all possible.

Tailor Made Ingredients

Customized or personalized colouring, aroma, flavour, and nutritients, designed for specific needs or preferences.

Suitable For

Suitable for chilled, frozen, or ambient stability.

Cooking Time

Cooking times, from 2 to 10 minutes: you decide!

Hot & Cold Hydration

Restore moisture and hydration in both hot and cold conditions.

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