Black Eyed Beans. The new Pulse added to our Impulses range

The new eating habits are helping discover or re-discover the pulses which enrich vegan and vegetarian diets being an excellent source of plant-based proteins. In this context, anticipating FIE 2020, we present the Black Eyed Beans of our product range Impulses. They have been chosen as the new product of the range for year 2021. These beans are perfect for our Impulses range: being hypocaloric and poor in fat content but rich in fibers and proteins and strictly not fried it matches all the characteristics of Naturis’ Impulses.

The market trends in Pulses

Nowadays, pulses and legumes are being included in our diets in several ways in order to benefit of their nutritional qualities. We find them as flours, in soups, desserts and biscuits; they are even proposed as toppings for ice creams and yoghurts!

They are processed in several ways, some of which, offset a big part of their nutritional benefits. For example, deep frying, very popular among snack ingredients but not in line with the healthy concept. Or toasting which due to the high temperatures of the process deprives them of all the thermolabile nutrients. There are other methods that enable us to have new ways to eat pulses without affecting their natural benefits.

Impulses: The Black Eyed Beans Snack

Although being part of our traditional cuisine, the Black Eyed Beans have never been proposed as a snack (maybe combined with other seeds and grains). This is our proposal, maintaining the natural benefits of the beans, we present what we call the “Ready to snack” Black Eyed beans.

They can be used not only in cereal or energy bars combined with other natural ingredients, but we can use them in salad or soup toppings, as “inclusions” in bread, biscuits or other bakery products, for muesli, breakfast cereals and granolas or even in ready meals as a crunchy ingredient (which is not fried!).

Our Hydrothermal Process that uses only hot water and air, enables us to offer many new occasions to consume these beans enriching our diet.

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