Pulses and rice and functional flours

Best Matchin’ is the natural match for all industrial needs. We play with the natural proteins and starches of rice and pulses to obtain flours that, in different concentrations, can be used in food preparations to bind, thicken, stabilise and emulsify. The most important trait is that they are 100% natural ingredients for a true clean label.

A real clean label

Transparent product labeling with easily understood ingredients and claims.


Control of emulsifying functionality to ensure desired texture, stability, and consistency.

Gluten Free

Products or foods without gluten protein content.


Manage your ad hoc gelatinisation time and temperature.

Hot & Cold Viscosity

Managing and adjusting viscosity in both hot and cold conditions.

Rice flours

Pulses flours

Protein source: gluten free pasta
Main ingredient: instant soups and creams
Bakery, thickener, plant-based, veggie, … 

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BestMatchin': RICE


Naturis’ white rice flour is known for its consistently high quality. 

Thanks to its functional properties, this natural ingredient can be used for a wide variety of food applications without the need to be declared as an additive. Perfect for usage in clean-label recipes.

We offer different kinds of rice powders that can be used for different food applications. Some of the key benefits are:

  • Thickening and binding agent
  • Possibility to replace starch
  • Acts as a separating agent, when used in dry state
  • Suitable as processing aid
  • Process chain is certified organic
  • Traceability of batches

BestMatchin': RICE


Sustainability, innovation and attention to new eating habits is the spirit behind our Cream-Maker, the ingredient that complies with the needs of consumers looking for for the whole package: clean labelgluten freeallergen free ànd vegan.

Our Cream-Maker is a completely natural rice flour and is designed to give more creaminess to first courses, such as risottos, or to give more density and compactness to products, such as rice croquettes. It is also recommended to thicken sauces and soups.

Naturis’ Cream-Maker is synonymous of convenience and attention to health because it enables you to replace ingredients that generally contain allergens, E-numbers and other unsustainable substances, such as modified starch, palm oil and wheat flour. 

Cream-Maker makes life easier because with just one ingredient you can reduce the fat content and improve emulsifying properties without altering the flavour of the original recipe. 

BestMatchin': RICE


Naturis rice flake powder is a pre-gelatinised rice flour made from rice flakes of consistently high quality. The starch is partially gelatinised by hydro-thermal pre-treatment. Below 70°C, the flour pretreated with hot steam already shows some cold swelling. 


  • Quicker maximum viscosity than native rice flour
  • Gelling properties.
  • Suitable for gluten-free recipes,
  • Thickening agent in soups,
  • Carrier for flavours or,
  • Separating agent in its dry state

BestMatchin': RICE


We bring you the perfect solution for ready-to-eat breakfast cereals and confectionery with our exceptional Naturis Rice Semolina. 

One of the standout features of our Rice Semolina is its lower starch content compared to finer rice flour. This characteristic makes it an ideal choice for binding moisture, ensuring a superior texture and taste in your dishes.

The benefits of our Naturis Rice Semolina are abundant. Its firm, dry, and crunchy texture adds a delightful element to your products. Whether you’re creating crispy breakfast cereals or confectionery treats, our Rice Semolina contributes to an unforgettable eating experience.

Additionally, our Rice Semolina enhances adhesion by forming a cooked layer between the food and its shell. This results in improved binding, ensuring that your ingredients stay intact and presentable, even after cooking or baking. Say goodbye to crumbling or falling apart, and embrace the perfection our Rice Semolina offers.


When it comes to deep-frying, our Rice Semolina truly shines. It reduces oil absorption, leading to lighter and healthier fried foods. Enjoy the crispy exterior without the greasy aftertaste, thanks to the natural properties of our Rice Semolina.

Furthermore, our Rice Semolina serves as an excellent binder in ready-to-eat meals. It helps bring together various ingredients, creating a cohesive and flavorful dish that is both visually appealing and satisfying to the palate. Let our Rice Semolina be the secret ingredient that elevates your meals to gourmet status.

It also serves as a natural thickener. Whether you’re preparing sauces, soups, or gravies, our Rice Semolina adds the perfect consistency and richness to your culinary creations. Say goodbye to artificial thickeners and embrace the natural goodness of our Rice Semolina.

Last but not least, our Rice Semolina contributes to improved freshness in your food. Its unique properties help retain moisture and prevent sogginess, ensuring that your products stay deliciously fresh for longer periods. Experience the joy of serving and savoring food at its peak quality with the help of Naturis Rice Semolina.

BestMatchin': RICE


This 100% natural rice starch presents itself as a very fine white powder. Compared to cereal starches, the rice starch grains are particularly small. Its variety of functionalities makes it particularly suitable for vegetarian, glutenfree, halal applications.


  • Fat substitute

  • Smooth texture

  • Natural replacement of gelatine

BestMatchin': RICE


Rice puff flour is a relatively new product on the market. We consider it as finely ground flour made from rice that has been puffed and then pressed into pellets. The treatment process involves cooking the rice to gelatinize the starch, drying it, and heating it under pressure to break down the cell walls. 

The main application for this kind of rice puff flour is in bakery products such as cakes and breads where it has some very useful properties. Rice puff flour improves the freshness retention of baked products by absorbing moisture during baking and retaining this moisture after baking. This means that cakes, confectionary, or bread made with our rice puff flour will stay fresher for longer than those made without it.

Rice puff flour also has good emulsifying properties so can be used as an ingredient in ice cream without making it too creamy or softening too much when mixed in with other ingredients such as milk or cream.

Another interesting property of rice puff flour is its ability to absorb odours easily so if you make biscuits using this ingredient, they will take on the flavour of whatever ingredients you add such as cocoa or coffee powder when mixing them up with the batter. 

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