Awareness is the impulse for change.

World Pulses Day

February 10 was the World Pulses Day. A worldwide event of great environmental and nutritional significance proclaimed by the United Nations. An event that aims to create awareness about the most important issues of our
time: nature’s resources, sustainable food production and food safety.World Pulses Day represented the opportunity to understand the importance of protecting the environment by sustainable food production.


IMPULSES – Crunchy Grains and Seeds Naturis

As we have always shared this responsibility, we invite you to discover our newest range: IMPULSES – CRUNCHY GRAINS AND SEEDS; our proposal to consume
healthy, natural and energetic products. An exclusive range of ‘#Ready To Snack’ products made with legumes and crunchy seeds to be enjoyed at any time of the day. They are completely natural and
provide a great source of vegetable proteins while being low in calories, gluten free and never fried.They are ideal as a topping for salads and soups, yoghurts
and cheese, as well as just as a snack, combined with cereals and muesli, or as an original ingredient for bakery products. The NATURIS IMPULSES range includes flax and pumpkin seeds, and legumes such as broad beans, chickpeas, yellow
and green peas, black Eye beans and green and red lentils, as well as the delicious and crunchy ‘Coral Lentils’, our latest arrival, launched on World Pulses Day.

IMPULSES – Organic Crunchy Coral Lentis

The CRUNCHY CORAL LENTILS are 100% organic certified (and can be available also in conventional). Combined with muesli, cereals or yoghurt they are perfect to enrich a snack at any time of the
day , thanks to their rich content of vegetable proteins, low calories and low glycemic index. Pure natural indulgence with no guilt. The
IMPULSES Range with the new Coral Lentils and all our other products are waiting for you here. For Naturis, the “impulse” to change is only a natural choice.
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