Broad beans and peanuts, did you know the differences?

With the snack fava beans and the many other products of the Impulses line we wanted to propose an original alternative to the classic cocktail snack, tasty, rich in nutrients and healthy, because treated in a natural way, and always ready to eat.

January was Veganuary!

Since a few years January has become “Veganuary”, the month in which a British non-profit organization invites us to experiment with a vegan diet, cutting all animal components from our diet. The organization’s main goal is to promote a world without animal farms or slaughterhouses, where food production, in general,  does not affect the health of our planet and the future of the animals living in it. 

Cream-Maker Naturis

Cream-Maker is the ingredient that complies with the needs of consumers looking for total well- being: clean label, gluten free, allergen free, vegan.

Healthy, natural, ethical and trendy.

Quick-cooking Naturis’ Basmati Rice (T101) is the ideal base for Poké salads and rapid rice dishes. Naturis is the ideal partner for the food industry developing high value added ingredients that are quick, delicious, healthy and original, in line with the growing market of Premium Trendy Food.

Keyword: customize

The request we received from a local brewery, was to help them create a new range of beer that would represent its territory containing a very special local ingredient: the IGP rice grown in the delta of the Po River. Therefore, the idea was to add to the process a rice syrup based on this special local rice variety. The use of syrups, in the beer industry, allows to increase the capacity of the brewing room and to produce very concentrated worts to obtain particular beers. All this, without causing problems in the process due to high viscosity.

LCA – Life Cycle Assessment

We have conducted a test to determine the environmental impact of “our” best seller product: “Milchreis”. The study, was conducted by Tetis Institute Srl, a Spin Off of Genoa University, in compliance with ISO 14040-14044 standards, and has certified that the production cycle of NATURIS’ quick cooking rice is ecological and environmentally friendly.

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