Crunchy pulses and seeds, ready for consumption: here you have Impulses

Delicious crunchy pulses and seeds: new Impulses by Naturis are natural, healthy and have complete nutritional profile. A versatile product, to be consumed whenever you feel the impulse! The crunchiness of Impulses sparks a positive desire, since it leads to the consumption of a healthy product to be combined with many recipes. They can be […]

Naturis new clean label rice syrup debuts at FIE 2019 in Paris

The new rice syrup produced by Naturis will be introduced at Food Ingredients Europe 2019 in Paris. SyrCore is lightly golden, delicious and it’s extracted from the best part of the rice: SyrCore looks like the nectar of the gods but revisited in a modern way! The production process is the one typical of Naturis: […]

Have you made your appointment with Impulses?

Have you made your appointment in Paris? At the 2019 edition of the Food Ingredients Europe Naturis will launch some tasty news. In this news we present the first new Naturis product: crunchy legumes and seeds, ready for consumption. Let’s talk about Impulses. Studied and created with the common attention of all Naturis products, Impulses […]

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