Discover the Environmental Policy at Naturis

We have formulated our Environmental Policy with the aim of achieving Environmental Certification in accordance with the ISO 14001 international standard of 2015 within the current year Environmental policy In order to protect the environment, in the context of its own activity, within the company and in its relations with the external environment, Naturis has […]

Goodbye greenwashing? Finally.

Europe is waving greenwashing goodbye, and Naturis helps you to comply. You have probably noticed it when looking at the labels on the shelf of your favorite supermarket: environmental claims. They are everywhere. You can find them on labels of a wide variety of goods, from food to clothing. They are brought to life to […]

Unlocking the Potential of Rice Starch: A Culinary Marvel

Rice, a dietary staple for billions around the world, offers more than just sustenance. Within this humble grain lies a valuable component known as rice starch, a versatile ingredient with a wide range of applications in the culinary world.

How Naturis’ Impulses fit in consumer trends of 2026

Naturis’ customers, especially in the ready-to-eat segment, quick commerce, and vegetarian segment have been asking for crunchy solutions for a while, and… their wish list is long: healthy, not fried, 100% plant-based, answering the demand for meat substitution, gluten-free, low in calories, maintaining crunchiness when soaked in milk or topped on salads. At Naturis, we made the impossible possible, and our famous Impulses’ line was born.

Free-from foods: informed consumers’ top choice

grains and vegetables

Foods bearing “free-from” claims are increasingly relevant to informed consumers, as they perceive the products to be closely tied to (good) health. Research from Mintel reveals that consumers buy free-from foods because they are seeking out more natural or less processed foods. In fact, 43% of consumers agree that free-from foods are healthier than foods without […]

Crunchy sorghum: the answer to customers’ needs

white sorghum grain

Introducing crunchy white sorghum, our newcomer in the Impulses range. Forget about popcorn and try this crunchy superfood as an appetizer, snack or food topping. This newcomer is available in its natural taste or flavoured with spices. This creates a lot of variety within the same product line. Excellent nutrient profile Our crunchy, white sorghum […]

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