Just in time!

Being late can be unpleasant but, at times, it’s a real problem. This was the case of a spanish pet food producer, who was looking for rice that would be 100% rehydrated in 10 minutes just adding boiling water from a kettle. Food products for animals are often a mix of ingredients with a base […]

Higher return, less expense!

It’s not just time that’s money – there’s also transport, storage and disposal. Logistics costs are an important variable and a large italian food service company asked us how to reduce them. Our customer used a sterile risotto in its F&B outlets and was no longer satisfied with it, because of the high management costs. The […]

A question of label

Less is more: eliminating the superfluous and choosing simplicity is always the best solution. A large spanish company which produces prepared foods and meals ready for consumption contacted us with this problem. In this case, the superfluous were a modified starch, wheat flour and a particular vegetable fat among the ingredients of a risotto dry mix. […]

Biofach 2016

This year, for the first time ever, Naturis will be an exhibitor at Biofach 2016 in Nuremberg on February 10 – 13, 2016. Biofach is Europe’s leading trade fair for organic food. Naturis will exhibit at Biofach to explain how our production process maintain intact the naturalness of our ingredients.   Visit us at Hall 4, Stand n.645!

Ready in Three Shots!

The new year starts with Naturis instant Quinoa! Ready in only 3 minutes, this product has been designed for a well known european company that is going to introduce it to its customers as a dry mix. This process allows the production of many varieties of Quinoa. Fit for every production need. Contact us to […]

Lightly gourmand

Today creamy and light can fit together. All you need is a special flour that reduces fat. Reducing the animal fat is the main goal of many consumers, hence of food companies as well. A client asked us to achieve it for a new line of meat paté. It was simple but difficult request at […]

Thirty years of Naturis

Thirty years have passed from the fruitful seed that allowed Naturis to play a leading role in the food industry. The company has planted its roots in the quick cooking rice market in 1988 and, thanks to a constant commitment, has cultivated a priceless heritage. During these years, Naturis has developed food products made from […]

The new plant based food trends

The constant research is the characteristic that has always distinguished us. For this reason we join events, such as the workshop “Plant based Foodstuff – For of Tomorrow” held by Procudan, which took place in Kolding, Denmark, on September 17. During the event we reflected on the consumption behavior of consumers, we analyzed their need […]

There is more than meets the eye!

Tasty, appealing and indulging products that ensure good nutrition and healthy food: high protein content, low fat, no allergens. Following one of the most strong market trends to replace animal proteins by vegetal ones Naturis has developed a mix of pulses flour and natural starches that can be used to manufacture veggie burgers, veggie nuggets, […]


Naturis’ latest idea is to develop tailor-made products for the food industry Sometimes it may be necessary to improve a recipe from a nutritional point of view adding vitamins, minerals or fibre; or it may be mandatory to avoid ingredients that may cause allergies and intolerances, such as gluten for people suffering of the celiac […]

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