Meat industry

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Meat Industry

Future-proof MEAT Products

Want to know more about how Naturis can help you produce better meat products?

Do you want to deliver the meat products that consumers love and solve the challenges of creating them? And do you want to get all the functional, performance and labeling benefits that will make your products stand out at the same time? You are right, and so are your consumers!

When you work with us, you can replace fat, improve yield, simplify your label, enhance texture, manage moisture, and improve cold temperature stability and shelf life in your processed meat, poultry, and fish.

  • Replace fat to improve nutritional value
  • Simplify your label by removing unwanted ingredients
  • Increase yield, manage moisture and enhance texture
  • Improve cold temperature stability and shelf life
  • Create an eating experience and texture that satisfies

Reducing animal fat

For many food companies, reducing the animal fat is the main goal. We found the perfect solution to reduce the animal fat without altering the texture of the product.

This fat is often used for creamy meat products like paté to enhance texture and taste. We developed a rice flour that replaces a significant amount of animal fat: this flour conveyed a good texture; in addition, it can absorb the water of the meat, maintaining the product yield.

Enhancing your recipes

Naturis functional Rice Flours are ideal to enhance the nutritional and healthy features of recipes. They absorb the liquid faster because they are pre-gelatinized, thus reducing the preparation time and help avoiding syneresis.

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