Dry Mixes

Dry Mixes

quick, healthy & convenient

Want to know more about how Naturis can help you produce better convenience or quick-cooking meals?

When time is tight — convenience is key.

From busy working parents who need to serve meals quickly to college students cramming for an exam, consumers need convenient products that offer an enjoyable experience and are easy to prepare and eat.

Together, we can make convenience seem effortless by opening a new world of instant meals.

Quick, Versatile Cooking Methods

Our products are quick, versatile and easy to use with many cooking methods. They can rehydrate in cold water, making them ideal for businesses with “imperfect” kitchens as bars and restaurants on the beach.

  • Products can be conventional or organic, gluten free or not
  • Solutions are always tailor made in cooperation with our customers
  • You choose rehydation time and method.
  • May be stored: chilled, deep frozen or shelf stable

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