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Want to know more about how Naturis can help you produce better dairy products?

Consumers of dairy and plant-based dairy products seek more your products — from accepted, clean label ingredients to reduced-sugar options and beyond.

Years of research and development, combined with detailed consumer insights, will help you create the dairy and plant-based dairy products your consumers truly want.

  • Add appeal with accepted, clean label ingredients
  • Achieve just-right textures and tastes in plant-based dairy alternatives
  • Reduce sugar but not the taste in yogurts and ice creams
  • Stabilize and create the perfect mouthfeel in flavored milks


The main applications that we offer for dairy products are basically the following: 

  1. As a thickener or cream maker (for dairy desserts, yoghurts,ecc)

  2. As a clean label ingredient for cheese analogs (block or spreadable)

  3. Crunchy pulses as toppings for your dairy products

Our functional flours

In addition, our functional flours can be used to replace modified starches, obtaining a 100% clean label recipe. 

These flours can be a versatile ingredient in dairy-based dishes, adding texture, flavor, and functionality.

  • Thickening: Flours can be used to thicken dairy products. When flour is added to a liquid such as milk or cream, it absorbs the moisture and creates a thickened consistency.

  • Binding: The flour can help to hold the ingredients together and creates a more cohesive texture. 

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