Cup / Pot applications

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Cup / Pot Applications

quick & healthy meals in a cup

Want to know more about how Naturis can help you produce better instant mixes for cups?

There is much more to cup applications than … noodles. We are offering a wide variety of innovative ingredients: red and white Quinoa, buckwheat, red and green lentils, rice,… Our quality ingredients take away all health concerns with the consumer that is conscious but at the same time looking for a simple and quick meal.

Naturis range of instant rice, cereals and pulses with low moisture content are ideal for cups or pots thanks to their 2 min rehydration time, suitable for savoury, sweet, and porridge recipes.

The Pre-gelatinized Functional Rice Flours are gluten free and “clean label” ingredients that partially or completely replace bonding and thickening agents and modified starches.

For example, Naturis round grain white rice can be combined with our Pre-gelatinized Functional Rice Flours to obtain 100% “clean label” products such as Milk Rice or Rice Pudding without adding modified starches and emulsifiers.

Or you can use different pulses,rice and cereals for curries, risottos and other savoury recipes. 

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