Rice Flour for Vegetable Cheese


The Pre-gelatinized Functional Rice Flour Y101, Y110, Y150 and Y152 are part of Naturis BestMatchin’ range, which includes clean label functional flours designed to be used in many applications without altering the functionality of the final product. The range includes several functional rice and pulses flours.

Functional Properties

Pregelatinized Functional Rice Flours Y101 and Y110 are exceptional bonding agents that provide creaminess to the mix. They are the ideal ingredients for spreadable cheese, because they convey a creamy texture, a key feature for this kind of product, and enhance the brightness of the final product.

Pregelatinized Functional Rice Flours Y150 and Y152 are interesting alternatives for hard cheese, because they allow it to be elastic without being sticky, so it can be cut or grated very easily. If melted, the creaminess of the product is ideal for every alternative.

As to the separation of oil and cream after the melting , the results are optimal.


Sample preparation method: mix water, oil, vegetable proteins and Functional Rice Flour for 15 minutes at 80° C. Afterwards put the cream in a plastic container. Let it rest for 12 hours at -20°C and then put it in the fridge for a whole day at 4°C. From that moment on, the product is ready to use. 

Using this formula, the nutritional values for 100g of cheese are:

13% protein
22% fat
15% carbohydrates

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