Less is more: eliminating the superfluous and choosing simplicity is always the best solution. A large spanish company which produces prepared foods and meals ready for consumption contacted us with this problem.

In this case, the superfluous were a modified starch, wheat flour and a particular vegetable fat among the ingredients of a risotto dry mix. These ingredients were used to thicken and stabilize the risotto during preparation. The goal of the company was to have a clean label, gluten free product with altering its performance.

We created a special mix of three pre gelatinized rice flours with exactly the same binding, thickening and stabilizing properties than the three ingredients that were to be eliminated. Coming from rice the pre-gel flours were absolutely gluten free and, being only thermo treated, they were 100% natural. The label of the product changed radically, instead of these three ingredients it only mentioned “rice flour”. The risotto has become “Gluten Free”, suitable for coeliacs and very appreciated by those who only choose natural food.

The new label is now a very simple and 100% clean label.

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