Black Eyed Beans. The new Pulse added to our Impulses range

The new eating habits are helping discover or re-discover the pulses which enrich vegan and vegetarian diets being an excellent source of plant-based proteins. In this context, anticipating FIE 2020, we present the Black Eyed Beans of our product range Impulses. They have been chosen as the new product of the range for year 2021. […]

Naturis’ Organic Quinoa Syrup: a natural choice

Pure well-being for all your recipes We, at Naturis, have given shape to an authentic organic Quinoa Syrup, obtained by the hydrolysis of organic Quinoa flour, using only natural enzymes. Our organic Quinoa Syrup, has an intense aroma and leaves you with a delicate note of bitterness aftertaste. It is rich in beneficial properties and […]

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