There is more than meets the eye!

Tasty, appealing and indulging products that ensure good nutrition and healthy food: high protein content, low fat, no allergens. Following one of the most strong market trends to replace animal proteins by vegetal ones Naturis has developed a mix of pulses flour and natural starches that can be used to manufacture veggie burgers, veggie nuggets, […]

Creamy, Italian and fast!

What is even more italian than pizza or pasta? Risotto. Rice is popular all over the world, but risotto is undeniably just italian and knowing how to cook it is not so simple. The right cooking method requires time and skill. Two characteristics that are not easy cope with ready meals, which must be easy […]


Naturis’ latest idea is to develop tailor-made products for the food industry Sometimes it may be necessary to improve a recipe from a nutritional point of view adding vitamins, minerals or fibre; or it may be mandatory to avoid ingredients that may cause allergies and intolerances, such as gluten for people suffering of the celiac […]

The new lab is already operating

We have refurbished and expanded our R&D laboratory and invested in new equipment that will enable us to raise our research and analysis standards. The combination of  these investments and the know-how of our R&D team will guarantee the highest quality service for our customers.

The pulses will change your menu

Pulses are the super food of the moment. In january 2016 the un / FAO proclaimed the year 2016 as the international year of pulses. The reasons why Pulses are considered  “strong super food” are that they are a source of protein and fibre, rich in vitamin B and minerals, low in fat, with a […]

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